Coke Studio Season 6 – Pakistani Music Show 2013

Coke Studio

Coke Studio Season 6 – Pakistani Music Show (2013)

Artists / Singers in Coke Studio Season 6 (2013)

Much awaited music show of Pakistan, with fan base all over the world, Coke Studio is set to return with its 6th season. Everyone has been anticipating what singers would be part of this year’s show. Ali Azmat confirmed his return to coke studio many months ago through Twitter. However, now with more information fans are being made aware of probable artists list of Coke Studio Season 6. Below is the list of 6th season of Coke Studio.

Coke Studio Season 6 Artists:

  • Ali Azmat
  • Abrar-ul-Haq
  • Ali Zafar
  • Alamgir
  • Fuzon
  • Bunny
  • Najam Sheraz
  • Abbas Ali Khan
  • Gohar Mumtaz (of Jal)

Some big names are part of this list – including some music legends such as Alamgir and Bunny. Keep in mind that this is not an official list. There may be differences and many more vocalists participating in the 6th edition of Coke Studio.

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10 comments to Coke Studio Season 6 – Pakistani Music Show 2013

  • Pak  says:

    Shehzad Roy !!!!

  • Daani  says:

    plz come back to louis jhon pinto(Gumby). becoz he is best and popular durmar.

  • Mitha  says:

    Where is Sher miandad?

  • SN  says:

    Gohar Mumtaz and Farhan saeed -:)

    • Neesu  says:

      not Farhan Saeed this time…as he’s left the band… so its only gonna be Goher Mumtaz…!!

  • Syed Israr Ul Hassan  says:

    Faakhir mehmood should participate In such events, as he is a very unique musician and he must contribute to such platforms. This will create the best fusion coke studio will ever have. Thanks

  • zohaib  says:

    i want gumby and aamir zaki in coke studio

  • zainab  says:

    bilal saeed and farhan saeed..i want them in coke studio season 6 :(

  • sam ali  says:

    i wana songs

  • arslan raja  says:

    nice song

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