Watch Hum TV Dramas (2013) Latest Pakistani Dramas

Pakistani Dramas

Watch Hum TV Dramas (2013)

Latest Pakistani Dramas of Hum TV – New

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Here you go with some of the most recent and ongoing dramas of Hum TV. We have provided a list of all the Pakistani dramas being aired on Hum TV that you may wish to watch. The list includes some big hits such as Zindagi Gulzar Hai and Dil-e-Muztar. However, most of Hum TV’s dramas are here and you can watch them online at our partner site – Pakistani Dramas.

Here is the list:

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2 comments to Watch Hum TV Dramas (2013) Latest Pakistani Dramas

  • Aslam  says:

    Hum tv produces good dramas with quality stories.

  • Aziz Siddiqui  says:

    I am looking for the NAME of the Hum TV drama where the youger sister marries her elder sister’s fiance because the elder sister has gone to Rahat Fatehali khan concert without her Fathers permission & her mother is too scared to tell the Father.
    So she gets the younger sister dressed as a bride & marries her in the name of the elder sister

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